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Website for the city council of Barcelona: "Barcelona exposure for 1939-1945 Postwar".
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Barcelona in Postwar 1939-1945

The web design of the exhibition "Barcelona en Postguerra 1939-1945" has been carried out, in collaboration with Mariona Design. This exhibition has been organized by the Ajuntament of Barcelona, a historical and cultural tour is presented that highlights important post-war documents preserved in the Municipal Archive.

This experience is distributed in five parts, including four thematic exhibitions spread around the city and a central exhibition at Montjuïc Castle.

The website has three languages and is designed according to the usability requirements recommended by WAI and meets the AA requirements, required by the city council of Barcelona.

The web design shows the essence of the post-war period with an organic and retro design, reminiscent of the post-war period, offering visitors a visual and educational immersion in this period of Barcelona’s history. In addition, the options of buying tickets for the face-to-face exhibition and the virtual exhibition are incorporated.
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