Web design and SEO for Centro Médico Aragón

Web design, SEM and SEO for Centro Médico Aragón
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Gynecology specialized medical center

Centro Médico Aragón is a clinic specialized in legal and safe abortion and other health care services such as health care gynecology at all stages of life. The company has hired LA TEVA WEB for carry on with its web design and all marketing strategies, particularly SEO and SEM.

Our first impression when meeting the Robles family, which owns a group of three clinics in Barcelona, Girona and Palma de Mallorca, was that they were passionate about their work, with great experience and knowledge, and only needed a web design and online marketing company that could push them a step ahead so as to reach a larger group of people and increase sales. Accordingly, we've drawn a strategy to relaunch the brand online.

Regarding web design, our main goal was to deliver to our client a web design that could combine quality, confidence and a lot of information. We have taken into account that we were dealing with delicate issues such as abortion or sexually transmitted diseases. Accordingly we have proposed a web design with large pictures of young and casual people, always looking empathy and naturalness.

The use of icons, soft colours and nice web fonts helped us to differentiate our client from the rest of players within the market.
The other requirement for the web design was to include a large amount of information that the user could read without any problem. All web content appear well organized, with separate contexts bars and colours.

As regards online marketing, we will focus in two major channels for attracting audience: SEO and SEM. There are quite a few gynecologic clinics in Barcelona that have invest lots of resources in SEM and SEO strategies. We will work for keywords such as aborto en Barcelona or clinica aborto Barcelona . In addition, the customer had a special business priority, and it is the desire to attract French customers to their clinic located in Girona. To achieve this we have advised our client to launch a website for France under the domain and focusing seo for keywords such as ivg Espagne .

Finally we are conducting SEM campaigns for Centro Médico Aragón. Our client was carry on these campaigns in the past, but we found that poor campaign settings had a negative impact on conversion rates. They now have an account where every penny invested pays off.

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