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Innovation in self-service laundries

Fresh Laundry is a franchise company offering self-service laundries with over six years of experience in the field in Barcelona city and surroundings. It offers to its customers the best location, a fresh and modern corporate brand image and a comprehensive management of self-service laundry.

The company offers 2 main different types of laundries: Fresh Urban and Fresh Box. By now, there are several laundries located at different major cities and districts in Catalonia such as Barcelona, Gràcia, Nou Barris, Sant Andreu ... and, pretty soon, some more Fresh Laundries will be open in Madrid.

We have been inspired by the classical American laundries and the brand image of the company in order to provide a fresh and young fresh web design. We have worked with purple and green combined with large pictures as backgrounds that provides this feeling of being inside a laundry of the company. As a result we get a clear, functional and attractive web design, very much in line with the feelings that the company wanted to communicate to their clients.

The website is obviously offered as a web responsive design, adapting to all types of devices and it is GoogleFrendly programmed so as to make it easy all the SEO work we have to do in the following months with keywords such as lavanderías autoservicio .

No matter whether you want to find a laundry close to your place or become a franchise of Fresh Laundry, you will like this website.
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