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The project includes web design, naming, corporate image and seo.
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Proxyma offers IT services in the area of Barcelona. LA TEVA WEB have developed a global project for this client, providing him with a new name for its brand, a new corporate image, a fresh web design and we will conduct all marketing online strategies.

As regards naming and logo, we have developed a logo that transmits amiability and proximity, something that will be much appreciated among potential consumers as they are not used to deal with technical IT info. Accordingly, proxyma is the outcome of the combination of words proximity and proxy in Spanish.

As regards the logo of proxyma, we have used the blue colour as dominant colour, a classic colour of the technological sector.  Moreover, the logo does a wink to the neuronal networks and IT networks, combining the use of nearest and more distant nodes to transmit the idea of that the client works for clients of all the sizes.
When dealing with the web design of the project, our main objective was to differentiate from traditional competitors offering an excessively technical and slightly elaborated image. In fact, those web designs seem to be more addressed to IT professionals rather than "usual" customers that need to solve a problem. With our new web design, we try to speak the same language that the visitor or potential client in order to generate empathy.

proxyma offers three types services: IT maintenance, configuration of IT networks and sale of hardware. The web page of proxyma has been structured in three principal sections: corporate information of the company, portfolio of IT services and IT news. The object of the latter section is to enhance seo at the same time that communicating to our clients the knowledge of the company. Seo will also the major channel of the company for acquiring news customers. We will focus on local seo for keywords such as empresa informática Barcelona or mantenimiento informático Barcelona.

We wish you enjoy this new web design for proxyma.
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