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Website for SYM, one of the leading brands of scooters in the world.
SYM web design

SYM the scooter brand

SYM has been one of the leading motorcycle brands in the world since 1962 when it started manufacturing motorbikes with Honda. The Taiwanese brand was created in 1954 and it is well known for offering high quality scooters at reasonable prices. SYM has also great expertise in the manufacturing of other vehicles such as cars. It has been indeed one of the major manufacturers of the famous Honda Civic. SYM gives special importance to the design of its motorcycles and centralizes the whole design in Europe, particularly in Italy.

For the motorcycle fair in Barcelona, the brand launched its new official website for Spain. The website has been designed by the design studio of Barcelona Mariona Design, a great partner for many years. La Teva Web has been in charge of the bespoke programming of the website, both back-end and front-end.

responsive web design sym

A web design to go very far

The web design, which is a responsive web design, offers a fresh and modern image where the visualization of SYM models is the most important thing. The website has an online catalogue of motorcycles, lots of information about the history and philosophy of the company and a press section with news and lots of material.

As regards to the programming of the website, we have incorporated a powerful search engine of SYM dealers through the API of Google Maps. The website also links to the intranet or internal area of the company and its dealers.

SEO and SEM will be the two next strategies we will approach in combination with SYM. We will focus on SEO and remarketing via Google Adwords in the short term. These online marketing campaigns are going to make that a great web design and a very good web programming will pay off quickly.

marketing online sym

A web design that roars

We have programmed the web page for SYM, one of the leading scooter brands throughout the world. The project incorporates a very visual design and lots of useful utilities for retailers and followers of the scooter brand, as well as the design of product sheets that allows the company to communicate all the technical characteristics of the product with a highly visual and plastic language that encourages the customer to request a test of the product.
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