Design and programming CASIDER corporate website. The company is dedicated to the commercialisation of special types of sheet metal and steel sheets for pressure vessels, storage tanks and all types of boiler.
Casider website

Distributor of steel sheets for the industrial sector

Design and programming of the CASIDER corporate website. The company is dedicated to the commercialisation of steel plates and special plates for pressure vessels, tanks and all types of boilers.

The website has been redesigned, offering a net web design in line with the image of an industrial product. The website incorporates a presentation of the company and an extensive product catalogue that is combined with a powerful form for requesting information per product that promotes leads or customer contacts through the website.

Cabin has been used for the typography of this website, playing with different weights. The company's corporate colours have been used, as well as a touch of tangerine to maintain the graphic line with the logo. We have implemented a texture of mice that remind us of steel and photographic backgrounds that reinforce the company's image and existence. In the design of the tables (Assessorament i Consultes), we have opted for a neutral grey for the page and orange for the headlines. We have used iconography to highlight the company's values.

Different projects have been created for the company to be able to do international SEO in the countries: Casider Portugal and Casider France.
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