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Centro Kineos Osteopathy and Integrated Therapies is dedicated to the practice, research and diffusion of Natural Therapies.
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Osteopathy, kinesiology and posturology center

Web design for the Centro Kineos by La Teva Web. Kineos is a centre dedicated to the practice, research and dissemination of Natural Therapies. It is located in Barcelona and can boast more than 20 years of clinical practice and a team of researchers and teachers in the field of Osteopathy.

Its most important areas are therapeutic and academic services. The centre has different areas in which osteopathy and integrated therapies are practised.

 Its therapeutic services include the following areas:

  • Osteopathy Area
  • Area of physiotherapy and posturology.
  • Area of child development stimulation
  • Area of Kinesiology and natural therapies
  • Childbirth preparation area

The Centro Kineos team also offers training workshops, including the school of biointegrative osteopathy and training in  kinesiology.

LA TEVA WEB SL is in charge of the maintenance of the website. A website with rich content about all the activities carried out at Kineos. On their website, we find information about the training courses they offer and also their therapies. On the other hand, it also has a special area for divulgation, where Kineos shares news, as well as information about osteopathy and posturology.

The homepage features a large slider with photographs of osteopathic professionals performing therapies and training. It shows information about all the services and activities and shares videos from its official Youtube channel.

As for the colour chosen for the website was the green, a colour whose connotations are closely linked to nature, harmony and hope. The Kineos website uses this colour in different tones and varieties.

On the other hand, the typography chosen for the text has been 'Fira Sans', a highly versatile sans-serif typeface.

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