Web design for a nursery school in Barcelona

Web design for a nursery school located at Eixample district in Barcelona.
Esclop website

Educate towards the future

New redesign web for l'Esclop, a nursery school at the Eixample district in Barcelona. The main objective of this web is to  communicate their values to parents with children looking for a new school.

The conceptual project was started with the redesign of its corporate logo. We kept most of the elements of the previous logo but redesigned them with shinnier colors and a new typeface. This typeface, which affects not only the logo but also to all web pages, has a human and imperfect touch, simulating handwriting. This typeface is always capitalized, referring to the children beginnig to have contact with uppercase letters. This typeface, however, could not be applied to the entire web site because it would be unreadable. Following this, we have combined it with a classic family of web fonts such as Roboto.

We have tried to get a clean website, where symmetry and hierarchy of the elements is clear but trying to look like an unforced process. We also play with bright and cheerful colors due to the fact that they are selling services targeted at children. In addition, text boxes and emoticons are crafted with rounded contours, making a friendlier web, providing proximity and subtracting rigidity to the composition of the elements.

As regards to content organization, one of the challenges has been to play with the nursery school and nursery of l'Esclop. With the aim of avoiding confusion, we have assigned to the nursery and nursery school with two different colors: orange for nursery and blue for the nursery school.

Finally, we have started with the SEO for keywords such as llar d'infants Eixample  o parvulari Eixample . In few weeks we will launch new online marketing strategies using Google Adwords.
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