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The AURUM Jewelry is one of the most traditional jewelery in Barcelona. It is located in the heart of Sarrià in Barcelona and it is directed by the prestigious jeweler Toni Vazquez, who continues attending customers himself in order to provide the premium service his customers deserve. The company enjoys also a great reputation for offering a large selection of luxury watches of brands such as Bell & Ross, Montblanc, Junghans, Jean Richard, Longines and Gucci.

The success of the AURUM Jewelry has led the company to expand its business online, particularly for the business of luxury watch business where they want to increase the number of sales of the company in Barcelona but also in all Spain. The company has hired us for the web design of an online store or ecommerce that had to be one of the most fashionable website of jewelry in Spain.
The design captures the essence of the jewellery located in Sarrià in Barcelona. We have developed a web design that offers an elegant, fashionable, classical and sober web design  that conveys the idea of luxury and care. The use of white and the black colors in combination with large product photographs of products enhances the image of luxury of the ecommerce.

The web design is structured differently depending on the device in which it is displayed. By the use of web responsive design, the website adapts itself to the device -desktop, mobile or tablet-.

As regards online marketing, we will focus on SEO with the aim of ranking at the top of Google for keywords such as relojes de lujo or joyería de lujo. The use of web responsive design and the content generation for news and product sections will boost SEO in the medium term.
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