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Web design and SEO for Dingonatura, the leader in natural food for pets. The company has a wide range of brands and sells through veterinary centers.
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Web design and seo for Dingonatura alimentación natural para perros, the leader in natural food for pets. The company has a wide range of brands and sells through veterinary centers.

Dingonatura uses only natural ingredients whose origin and quality are well known, analysed and verified by external laboratories, with the aim of improving the health and welfare of our pets through nutrition. The company do not produce pet food but natural GMO free pet food.  

Dingonatura brands include Mhims, Dingo, Moments, Doctor Dingo, Healsty or Natura Diet and opted for the strategy of creating a web page as an umbrella of all its brands instead of one website for each brand. The aim is to concentrate all communicative efforts of the company and achieve positive synergies between brands.

The project for Dingonatura not only covers web design and web programming, it also covers the entire online marketing strategy of the company. The company will concentrate on generating content so that we can spread this content through the Internet and improve online reputation of its brands through search engine optimization or SEO and social media marketing. Our initial efforts in SEO will focus on natural food for dogs and 100% GMO free pet food for dogs, not to mention the word dog food, certainly a concept that is not present on the website.

Regarding web design we have focused on providing a modern web where the use of photography is very important, allowing us using photographs of dogs and cats so as to appeal to the empathy of the consumer. The use of green of its logo allow us to reinforce the concept of natural food.

With regard to content, the website includes from corporate information to the introduction of its brands. The website also offers a  wide range of products with a description of each. It also incorporates a recommended diet section where an algorithm helps clients to choose the type of food that they need for their pets  depending on their age, race and weight among other variables. It also has an internal area for placing orders and catalogs download.

Finally, the website is in 6 languages ranging from English to German.
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