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Online consultancy and web design for Financlick

Financlick is a company offering financial services online.
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All market financing with just one click

Financlick is a company offering financial services and crowdlending through the Internet.

We have conducted a market study and a strategic plan for the company, which helped the client to focus on the online project as a whole, defining how the website should be and which functionalities to implement.

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We have developed a web design focused on the conversion, usability and providing credibility, something very important for a new initiative in the field of financing for companies. The website matches founders and companies that need founding but do not want to go to traditional sources of investment such as banks and prefers trying alternative financing such as crowdlending.

As regards web design, we have provided the client with a web design where orange colour provides a nice touch of dynamism to the website. The use of orange in combination with icons and large pictures creates a balance between trust, transparency and modernity.

As regards bespoke programming, we have developed a marketplace with a profile including lots of info of companies looking for investment and including complex formula that calculates several ratings.

We are now starting o implement the online marketing plan we have developed for the customer. Following this, we will focus in keywords such as crowdlending. We are also developing all social media strategies for Financlick with Twitter and LinkedIn as major social channels to promote.

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The best investment for your company

Financlick is a company offering financial services and crowdlending through the Internet. We helped the company to built its website and promote it.
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