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Web design for MMC Lawyers, they are specialized in criminal and labor law
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Finding a labor lawyer in Barcelona with a modern and serious website providing enough confidence to potential clients is not very common in Barcelona. We have developed a modern website for MMC Criminal and Labor Lawyers.

Prior to the web design, we have conducted some research among potential consumers for our client, analyze the mission and philosophy of MMC. After this, we have proposed a design that could combine confidence and proximity with a touch of personality. This led us to a serious and elegant web: We worked with black background, combined with scarlet and white, a conjugation of solemn colors and classy. This solemnity we have tried to combine with a little more modern and groundbreaking touches to their sector, as you can see.

For the selection of typefaces, in this case we have chosen serious and classic serif types, which combine well with other more modern that make contents in the website easier to be read. These elements are combined with photographs of the offices of the law firm, with its partners in working situations and the use of more fashionable pictograms.

As regards web content, the website includes a corporate presentation of the company and the full range of law services offered. We have also included news at the homepage. This is because the company wants us to carry on with all the online marketing and seo strategy in major search engines such as Google. Updated content is of paramount importance when trying to get highest results at search engines.

We will focus our seo strategy in key concepts such as: abogado laboralista en Barcelona or abogados penalistas barcelona. We will focus on seo and we will avoid other major online marketing strategies such as social media due to the idiosincrasy of the market we are dealing with.
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With countless designs made at La Teva Web, I'm not just looking to make "beautiful" websites. We always provide our clients' projects with a vision focused on their needs and the user's. Without neglecting web design trends, which evolve every year.

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