Web design for the conflict mediator Germán Barrena

Professional web design for the conflict mediator Germán Barrena located in Barcelona.
web germán barrena

A conflict appears when we are not able to find a solution

Conflict mediators are uninvolved third parties who assist individuals or groups that help organizations and individuals in resolving conflicts. The main task of a conflict mediator is to provide a fast and effective method for resolving conflicts, whether family mediation, civil mediation and commercial mediation. In addition, conflict mediator Germán Barrena offers complementary advisory services in the field of negotiation, decision-making and conflict management in companies and other organizations.

We have focused in delivering a website that highlight major advantages of our client at the same time that providing a personal touch to all the image of the communication of the business far away of the traditional corporate website. The website uses a logo made with a handwritten typo that seems to be the signature of Germán Barrena combined with shiny blue and brown colours offering seriousness and proximity at the same time for a service still little known in the Spanish market.

On the other hand, in the field of online marketing strategy, we will begin working on SEO for some keywords such as mediador Barcelona or mediador de confictos.

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