Web design for Forti Seguridad

Web design for Forti Seguridad, specialised in sale of safe-deposit boxes.
FORTI website

Specialists in safes

Forti Security is a specialist in next generation of safe-deposit boxes. It is a family business that offers its services to companies and individuals. We have designed and programmed their website with the aim that the company can communicat the services related to safes offer: sell, repair and transportation of safe-deposit boxes.

Pior to the web design of the website we have designed the logo for the company and developed from scracth a new brand image. Due to importance of logo in branding strategy, we have focused in designing a logo that synchronize with the company name and convey the right message of security and quality. The logo composes a three-dimensional icon, which appears at the center point and symbolizes the content of value to be preserved, and this is stored and protected in a safe-deposit boxes. Next to this icon, embodied in blue that convey trust and technological innovation, you can reed Forti with shown in large and bold fonts in white to highlight on the dark blue background.

Finally, as regards online marketing, we have analyzed the sector that our client is approaching so as to stablish the best strategy that meet its needs. As a result we will focus mainly on SEO in Google for keywords such as cajas fuertes Barcelona , abrir cajas fuertes o reparación cajas fuertes .

As regards web design, just to add that it is a web responsive design.
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