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Corporate website design for data protection law firm with offices in Barcelona and Madrid.
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Corporate website design for Lant Abogados, a law firm with offices in Barcelona and Madrid that specializes in helping companies to comply with general data protection regulations in Spain. Following this, the company helps Spanish companies to coply with Spanish law known by ley de protección de datos. As a member of the European Union, Spain formally implemented the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC in November 1999 with the Special Data Protection Act 1999 or LOPD, which is an update of previous LORTAD and enforced through the Spanish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office.  Lant Abogados is a leading company helping companies in meeting these requirements.

As regards the web design, we wanted to present a corporate website, to enforce a brand that aims to be a leader in the sector. Bearing in mind, the particularly of law industry and what potential consumers expect to find on the website, we have proposed to develop a website able to provide a combined feeling of quality and formality, with touches of modernity and proximity. For example, you will see how we use dark colours of current brand image in combination with electric blues (similar to the platform Instagram), or playing with modern typefaces such as serif and serif type italics in combination with more classical ones. The current logo of the company is a dark blue color with an @ so as to communicate the idea that the firm is specialised in the Internet field for data protection. Accordingly, we had to use dark blues in the website but we have lowered its proportion of black color so as to build a warmer and closer image.

As regards contents organisation, we deal with a large amount of information that needs to be well organised in a hierarchical way. The company wants us to focus on SEO as a major strategy for the online marketing strategy of the company. We will work with keywords such as protección de datos or corporate compliance. We have chosen these words after a precise market research online and offline that helped us to determine how companies may search for services related to data protection or legal notice. It will be, without a doubt, a complicated project due to fierce competition within SEO in this market and we will have to generate a large amount of content that will help us in our SEO strategy in driving potential clients to our website.
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