Web design and SEO for copper craftsmen Masfarné

We present a restyling of Masfarné, an expert manufacturer of electrical insulators

Leader in the Litz copper and wire braid manufacturing sector

Today we want to present the Masfarné project, a company specializing in the manufacture of electrical conductors and insulators.
Today there are few companies in the construction sector with a great business background and that has more than 100 years of history and that, not everyone can say. Thanks to the experience and solvency, Masfarné has become a great reference in the copper sector in Spain. It currently has an industrial headquarters in Ripollet.

The project already had a website, but the design was very outdated and outdated and, really, it was necessary to restyling the web. In the new version, we have moved away from the boxes that surround the content and images as well as the gray tones. The only thing that has remained are the colors white and green, being corporate colors.

As we said before, corporate colors are the main protagonists, but in addition, to give a breakthrough touch to an industrial website, copper dorado has been used. Also, the logo has two lines (one thin and one thick) to reinforce important parts of the web or highlights. In short, we have turned a boring and outdated website into modern and very attractive.

In terms of content, the website presents a catalog of products of the company with its name and basic product information. The product sheet has been designed as follows: large size of the images with duly detailed information and a form to the side so that the user can contact the company.

Once programmed and designed, our team of seo experts from La Teva Web will optimize the web so that it is visible in Internet search engines. To do this, we have studied and analyzed the market to see which keywords or keywords can provide more quality visits to the website and, of these, how many actually fill out a contact form.

So the next few months we will work with the client on SEO or web positioning to obtain greater visibility and achieve the target set by the client, a large number of forms received through the web.
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