Web design and programming for Irbio

Project for the Institute for Biodiversity Research of the UB, where we have carried out the design for the research and customised programming for Irbio.
Web design and custom programming for Irbio
Irbio is the biodiversity research institute of the UB, where we have carried out the web design for the institute and custom programming. 

This website is scientific and informative. It has an academic and didactic air where it seeks to be a different and more daring proposal to the existing ones. 
As for the chromatic range, we started with the logotype, where we used the corporate yellow colour and included black as the predominant colour for the background of the website. These colours allow us to highlight the vivid colours of the photographs and give it a new touch. 

Two typefaces have been used, one is IBM Plex Mono. Inspired by the logo, this monospaced typeface is used in headlines, buttons and some texts to maintain the character and personality of Irbio. The second typeface we have used is Open Sans, which is more suitable for longer texts on the website. As for the iconography, it is used for the different areas of research and helps to make the website more visual. 

On the other hand, we have carried out the customised programming of the website, the installation of the website on the server of maximum complexity.

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