Web design and SEO for luxury handbags store

Today we show you a web design brimming with luxury. Meet Keway Bags, second hand bags store.
Website for second hand bags store

A design that exudes luxury

Today we bring you a website where luxury is the main protagonist: Keway Bags, online store of second hand branded handbags came to our web design agency in Barcelona because they needed a platform that would allow them both to sell their second hand bags and to buy from users their luxury handbags that they no longer use.

When launching a new project in a niche as competitive as fashion and accessories, a number of difficult questions always come to mind: How can I stand out from my direct competitors? What different value proposition should I offer to users? How can I reach my ideal buyer-persona? What makes my brand unique? At our agency, thanks to our completely customized web designs, we manage to give an exact answer.

At LA TEVA WEB we set out to create a website for Keway Bags that would not only allow them to achieve all their goals, but also transmit their own philosophy to Internet users and answer all their questions.

Website for ecommerce of second hand hand handbags

Below is a list of the most essential elements that helped us create a completely authentic web design for Keway Bags:

  • Luxury in abundance.The new Keway Bags website inspires exclusivity and magnificence wherever we browse. Through the black and gold colors; the background images with thin lines; the images of models; and product cards with detailed images of the brand bags, we managed to create a visual section that transpires pure ostentation and abundance.
  • Really useful. In addition to offering the sale and purchase of second-hand hand bags, the online store is very focused on helping and showing the user the way throughout their time spent on the ecommerce. Manuals and step-by-step sales guides are the order of the day to solve all the doubts of customers and accompany them by the hand throughout the conversion process.
  • No half measures. Due to the specific niche in which our client is located (buying and selling second hand hand bags) many of the users always have a certain distrust at the beginning. Either because they are afraid of buying counterfeit, imitation or not in good condition. For this reason, the new Keway Bags website is totally open with its values, the condition of its products and their authenticity.

SEO for second hand products ecommerce

Once the website was designed and laid out, our SEO experts in Barcelona set out to optimize the website for both search engines and users. As well as the ideation of a strategy focused entirely on the target keywords of the project, which are based primarily on 2 search intentions:

  • Transactional searches.Through categories; products; and brands, we are able to work those terms that seek to perform a specific conversion such as buy or sell.
  • Informational searches.Within the blog section we focus on those keywords that request information or seek the solution to a specific question. This type of searches allow us to reach and attract users that otherwise would not be possible.
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