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Web Design and SEO for Fes Més

Fes Més is a company in the DIY sector. In this project, not only do we focus on making a web design that reflects the essence and quality of the brand, but we also implement SEO and SEM strategies, designed to maximize the visibility and improvement of the organic positioning of the web.
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The home DIY, at the best price

Web design

For the design of the Fes Més website, we wanted to transmit simplicity and elegance, reflecting the values of the brand in both the corporate and ecommerce sections. The aesthetics of the website are attractive and contain high quality images that show the products and their uses, in order to ensure a pleasant experience.

Corporate colours such as blue and white have been used for the web design, as well as different shades of blue to convey professionalism and ease of navigation. Together with the chosen tones and the sans serif typography, which helps us to improve legibility, a minimalist web design has been created.

The design of this website has been created with the aim of offering a good user experience. The structure of the site is clear and organised, which facilitates both the search for information and shopping, ensuring a pleasant experience from the home page to the checkout process.

Importantly, the site is integrated with the company's internal systems, allowing for better management of inventory, customer database and loyalty programmes. In addition, it has a live chat service to resolve user queries on the spot. Special attention is paid to delivery times, with delivery times indicated when products are added to the shopping cart.
Fes Més

SEO for the DIY sector

In order to improve its search engine positioning and expand its reach, an SEO strategy was implemented following an initial SEO audit. Thanks to this audit, errors and opportunities for improvement were identified, which helped us to design the SEO strategy focused on the creation of relevant and quality content that favours positioning in Google search results.

Thanks to detailed keyword research, we have identified the most relevant keywords for the sector, which has allowed us to optimise the content and thus improve organic positioning. In addition, special attention was paid to local SEO, taking advantage of the presence of the physical Fes Més shops to optimise their profiles on Google and generate relevant content at a local level.

In line with this strategy, a section has been created on the Fes Més website, which includes a blog with ideas and practical advice, as well as a video blog offering tips and tutorials on DIY. This variety of content not only enriches the user's experience, but also contributes to improving search engine positioning.

The Fes Més website contains more than 14,000 products in its catalogue, is distinguished by its wide variety and its focus on product categorisation, which facilitates the search and selection of products for users. Along with the implementation of this SEO strategy, Google Adscampaigns have been carried out, which have served as a support to capture quality traffic from potential consumers, thanks to an appropriate audience configuration in these campaigns.
Fes Més Conclusions

Improving the Fes Més digital experience

If you like the project carried out for Fes Més, and you think you need a digital marketing strategy for your website or online store, get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you and propose new solutions to digitize your business.
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