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Leading company in Barcelona in the field of translation and sworn and general interpreting. The website offers a presentation of Interglossa's services with a fresh and professional image, using a minimalist web design to give prominence to the texts.
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Interglossa is a translation company based in Barcelona. For more than 25 years they have been translating texts in different languages such as English, French, Italian, German...

They have a wide range of clients, from small companies to large Spanish companies and even "jumping the pond" and translating content for international companies, but without forgetting the close relationship and offering maximum availability to provide a quick response.

We have been working closely with Interglossa for many years, and on this occasion, it was us who helped to clean up the image of the website design. Actually, they had a very outdated website, with a very old design and not responsive at all. Instead, we wanted to transform it into a minimalist design.

For the web design, it is characterised as a minimalist website that tends towards white, where it conveys transparency and cleanliness. Being a company that translates legal and legislative documents, we want to convey that the team behind the website is professional.

It has a modern style and straight lines marked by geometric shapes. The definition of the typography is combined by a dry stick typeface for the titles with a roman typeface for the texts. The latter is the most commonly used typeface in print format, so it makes sense to use it on the web.

In terms of colour definition, the most striking colour is red. As it is a very aggressive colour, it has been used in a very subtle way and with very straight lines.

The images on the website are images that have a lot of white stain and have been transformed into black and white. The idea is that they lose the prominence to focus on the text.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the client already had a website and, when working on organic positioning or SEO, it is necessary to work correctly on the web migration and the publication of the new website so as not to lose all the SEO previously worked on. Our work consists mainly in taking care of the URLS and preparing a 301 redirection document to avoid 404 pages not found. Then, over the next few months, the optimisation of the website will have to be carried out: titles, descriptions...

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