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Talquistina, a web specialized in combating skin itching, presents its new web design with La Teva Web.
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A pure, soft and original web design

Talquistina is the brand specialized in relieving itching and pain caused by skin irritations best known in Spain. With more than 60 years of experience, Talquistina offers its users solutions for both babies and adults, in cream or lotion format.

Talquistina was looking to give a different touch to its new web design : expand the brand to not only products for children, but for all ages. Therefore, one of the objectives of this new website is to reach a wider audience: its target ranges from the smallest to adulthood. Therefore, a design that encompasses this wide range of public is proposed.

The main tool used throughout the web is large-scale photography. Its role is to identify the brand target while, at the same time, showing its values.

Another value is professionalism, Talquistina wanted a web to show its products, to give advice about them and provide all the necessary information for the consumer. As general concepts we find: closeness, professionalism, cleanliness and safety. The resource of large photographs is what brings closeness. The photographs represent the brand target which the user could feel identified with.

Web Design Mobile Talquisitna

The colors of the brand are applied all over the web. The main one, its characteristic pink is used in backgrounds and texts. The secondary, the gold is used in the main menu. The packaging is thus transferred to the website, making the brand retain all its character, essence and graphic style.

Tailored iconography has also been done to see clearly what the problems that each product solves are. This makes the user find it more intuitively.

The typeface used is the Work Sans, a versatile typeface for headlines and texts with the uniqueness of its auctions, which gives it sympathy, making communication much friendlier and closer.

As it could not be otherwise, the web design of Talquistina is web responsive so it is optimized to display correctly on both mobile devices and tablets.
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Talquistina, skin in calm.

Talquistina is the brand specialized in relieving itching and pain caused by skin irritations best known in Spain.
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