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Vichy Catalan has relied on La Teva Web to reprogramme its website. A new dynamic website with advertising galleries, videos, ads and even games.

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A healthy web design for a premium water brand

Vichy Catalan has relied on La Teva Web to reprogramme its website. A new dynamic websitewith advertising galleries, videos, ads and even games.

Vichy  Catalán is a Catalan brand of sparkling water. With a history of more than 135 years, it is currently the leading company in the carbonated mineral water sector in Spain. Moreover, it is also considered one of the most premium sparkling water drinks on the market. The group has expanded its catalogue over the years and, in addition to its main product, offers other products such as fruit juices, health drinks and even a stay in a Hotel-Spa with thermal baths.

The new website proposal has been a breakthrough for the company's content management, which can now edit the information whenever it wishes in a much more autonomous way.

A website on a par with the most prestigious brand of water

The new Vichy Catalán website has been programmed to be fully editable by the group, which has resulted in great progress in the management and publication of its own content. The previous Vichy website had been programmed with Coldfusion, and this limited its capacity for growth and adaptability due to the difficulties in finding web programmers specialised in this technology, which is increasingly out of use. For this reason, the new website for the group has been programmed entirely in PHP and uses MySql databases.

Due to its long history and amazing prestige, the group needed a website to match its products. Therefore, La Teva Web team has worked hard to achieve the best User Experience.

The content of Vichy corporate website is very rich and has many internal pages where you can access information about the group in a dynamic and fun way. In addition, the website is available in 4 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French. For this reason, as part of the process of optimising its international SEO, hreflang tags have been applied to each of these languages.

Within the content, the brand's history and product presentation pages stand out, allowing us to learn more about the group's trajectory and its entire product catalogue. Of course, each of these products has a product page with information about its characteristics and properties.

Other notable sections are the section news and the blog. As it is a fully editable website, the team itself can periodically publish relevant information about the company. In addition, in order to promote its commitment to wellness, the Vichy blog also shares content explaining interesting tips and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most original pages on the site is the recipes page. Here you will find a practical section of recipes that integrate the Vichy product as an ingredient. An amazing way to share the different uses and properties of sparkling water and how to use it in different ways. Some of these recipes are in text, but others also offer a video version.

The new design is highly dynamic thanks to a large presence of images, videos, and animations. This dynamism is especially noticeable on the home page, which contains sliders and image carousels showing the different brands and its main products.

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