International SEO Agency

International SEO Agency

Web positioning opens the door for your business to get new customers all over the world. Through a correct International SEO strategy, your website or online store will begin to get visits from new markets.

There are many variables when working on SEO in other countries, such as the use of specific code, content optimization or link building for each territory. At La Teva Web, as an International SEO agency, we have successfully carried out International SEO projects for all types of websites.

International SEO

What is International SEO?

Although it seems obvious, to work on web positioning in other countries, it is not enough to translate our website. Unlike Local SEOInternational SEO includes all those mechanisms necessary to be competitive on Google, Bing or Yandex result pages in different countries.

Even though the International concept appears in its own name, it should be noted that we do not work on the positioning of a website at a global level. The job of International SEO is to develop a specific strategy for each country in which we are interested in.

Specific strategy for each country
 International SEO

How do we work on International SEO?

There is no ideal starting point to start working on International SEO. Sometimes, we will have several websites running for different countries and we will need to review their technical optimization. In other cases, we will start with a new project or in parallel to an existing website that seeks to expand into new markets.

At La Teva Web we adapt to any type of project. To do this, we have a flexible methodology in which we review different aspects of the positioning of your website based on its current state, the main ones being the following:

  • Sector, competition and keywords study: when we expand our SEO strategy to a new country, we must treat it as a totally new market. There may be similarities with the country where our website started, but we should always check if it is viable to expand our business, what other companies are already working there and how optimized they are, and how our main products or services are searched for.
  • Specific content: as we have mentioned before, in International SEO it is not enough to translate the content of a website. Based on what is detected through the study of keywords, we will have a clear view of user needs and we will be able to optimize or create specific content for the new country.
  • Selection of domain, subdomain or subfolder: we can choose to use a completely new domain, being very interesting the use of a ccTLD (a domain associated with a specific country, for example, .es in Spain). Also, using different subdomains within our main domain, such as for Spain and for France. And, finally, using different subfolders in our main domain (for example, for Spain and for France).
  • Hreflang tag: one of the key points in any International SEO strategy is the correct use of the Hreflang tag. Through this code, we will indicate to search engines such as Google to which country the content of our website is directed to and what its equivalent is in other countries. The latter will help us avoid duplicate content issues, especially between different countries with the same language.
  • Loading speed: when the International SEO work bears fruit, our website will receive visits from different parts of the world. If our server is located, for example, in Spain, it will be slower for users located in America or Asia. To solve it, there are mechanisms such as the use of a CDN or specific servers depending on the territory.
  • Linkbuilding by country: search engines like Google are capable of understanding the origin of the different external links that our website gets. As these links are interesting for SEO, if we expand to a new country, we must have a specific linkbuilding strategy.
International SEO

La Teva Web, your International SEO agency

Within online marketing, SEO is one of our main services. With International SEO we go one step further, helping you expand your website to a new market.

And the work we do does not stop here: at La Teva Web we provide value to companies that trust us for their International SEO strategy, giving them support to determine which countries it would be interesting to reach and what variables they should take into account to do so.

In addition, in our team we have professionals with the necessary technical knowledge in SEO and programming to successfully carry out an international expansion of your website.

As an International SEO agency, at La Teva Web we have studied, planned, implemented and evolved international SEO strategies in very diverse projects: from online stores to corporate or service websites.

Expand your business to a new market

Frequently asked questions about International SEO

Is International SEO necessary for countries with the same language?
Yes. In fact, if International SEO is not well implemented, the use of different versions of our website for different countries causes duplicate content problems.
What is Hreflang?
Hreflang is an HTML tag that allows us to specify the versions in other languages of a specific page. It serves to indicate to search engines which language and country each page of our website is focused on.
What is a ccTLD?
Un ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) es una terminación de dominio orientada a un país concreto. Su uso permite a los motores de búsqueda determinar a qué país se dirige nuestra web (por ejemplo, .es para España). Su contrapartida son los gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain), cuyo uso no está vinculado a ningún territorio (por ejemplo, .com o .edu).

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