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Improve web design and SEO for a CRO in Barcelona and Madrid
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Clinical Trials and Observational Studies

For Bioclever, a CRO specialized in clinical trials in Barcelona and Madrid , we have updated the web design and modernizing its image. Now the Bioclever page adapts perfectly to any smartphone, achieving a better experience for the user.

Thanks to the web programming carried out as well as the layout of the same, now the client has a lighter web page, that is, a web that loads faster in the browsers, the Google Search Console is well configured, and the contents they are well worked to assume a good web positioning of the search engines.

For the colors of the web we start from its corporate image. The mark starts from a check, a gradient that goes from yellow to orange. To be true to the brand, we use yellow in the points of attention: icons and buttons. The use of yellow reaffirms the brand values: safety, professionalism but also closeness, a warmer and more human touch.

On the other hand, we have carried out a study of keywords to orient well the online marketing strategy, based on concepts such as clinical trials in Barcelona and Madrid, observational studies or cro Madrid. The objective of the online marketing strategy for Bioclever is to establish a good position on the first page of Google. To do this, the urls have been worked so that they are clean urls and urls with strange characters and codes are not made, and work the meta-titles and meta-description of the static and dynamic pages.
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