Corporate intranets

Creation of intranets and extranets

LA TEVA WEB SL provides clients with the bespoke design and programming of all intranets and extranets, using dynamic PHP programming and MySql databases.
Custom intranets

Creation of intranets, extranets or internal web areas

Web technology provides an opportunity for promoting teamwork within organizations and internal communication within companies and organizations. Internal corporate networks, or intranets are web tools that lay down the technical foundations for employees to work in teams within companies, ensuring they can quickly and easily access a large volume of documentation.

An extranet (extended intranet) is an internal area within a company website that is used to securely share information or operations pertaining to the organization itself with its collaborators, employees, suppliers and clients. It is basically an intranet extended via internet to include users from outside of the company.

To do this, La Teva Web uses custom web development to prepare the internal or external areas using PHP dynamic programming and MySql databases.

We design your intranet so that you have your information at hand and safe
Custom intranet Barcelona

What functionalities do our internal areas incorporate for companies?

Typical uses of intranets are those of access to, and management of, the company’s internal documentation from any computer, downloading files, client management, help desks or even the instant tracking of orders and deliveries and internal communications. All these represent business opportunities, an improvement in customer service, reduction in communication costs and management, a good web maintenance service and the optimization of processes.

How do you imagine the Intranet of your company?