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Web design. Each sector has its own color

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Web design. Each sector has its own color
Both at the level of graphic design and web design, colors can be classified into two main categories: warm colors and cold colors. Warm colors are associated with energy while cool to calm and safety.

The blue color is the most used color in web design and it is the cold color by definition in web design. Blue conveys safety, responsibility and confidence. Hence its main use in sectors such as finance, technology or health. Rarely recommended for food, automotive or fashion services.

Green is a cold color that evokes calm, prestige, neatness and freshness. It is a very popular color in web design for technology sectors, finance, food, household products and energy. It would be a very unpopular color for automotive, transportation or fashion.

Purple is a cold color that evokes sophistication, nostalgia, spirituality and mystery. It is a difficult color to combine in web design and although used little is often popular in technology and finance companies. However it is not recommended for agricultural or energy companies.

Brown color transmits simplicity, strength and durability. It is a cold color very suitable for fashion, agriculture and automotive but not recommended for finance, technology or passenger transport companies.

Black is a warm color that serves in web design for those companies that want to convey a sophisticated and classic image at the same time. Very used in the web design of web pages for expensive products is recommended for fashion, automotive and technology. It is not recommended for companies related to transport, restoration, energy, finance or health.

White is a cold color that represents purity, nobility and neatness. It is a very recommendable color for web designs of fashion and health but that should not be used in finance or transport companies.

Red is the second color most used in web design. It is a warm color that transmits aggressiveness, energy, caution and provocation, in fact, it is proved that this color activates the pituitary gland and provokes passion. It is an ideal color for automotive and technology. However it is not recommended for fashion, finance or the people transportation industry.

Yellow is a warm color, a luminous color of hope and optimism that stimulates creativity and energy. It is a very popular color for energy, food and household products. However it is not recommended for fashion, finance, automotive or technology.

Finally, orange is a warm color that combines the luminosity of yellow with the energy of red being a very vital color and fun to use. In web design is much used in technology and health but should not be used for finance, transportation, automotive or fashion.

You should be bear in mind that this analysis is done from a Western perspective and it should be noted that in other cultures like the Eastern each color has very different meanings. Hence, in order to correctly perform web design internationally we have to collect information about the sensations that each color evokes in each culture in order to combine them correctly and obtain the ideal web design.
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