An ecommerce development customized to your business

Ecommerce web development Barcelona

People are spending more time online. Every physical business that wishes to prosper and increase its sales over time, having an online store that allows the company to sell its products/services over the Internet it's a must.

Moreover, in most cases it is not enough to have prefabricated ecommerce, at LA TEVA WEB we aim to solve the unique needs and pretensions of your company, so we always bet on our fully custom development of ecommerce. Your new online store will be designed and created just for you.
Desarrollo de tienda online personalizado

Our advantage: An online store development customized to your business

Our long experience in the programming and development of online stores has taught us that the best thing for our customers is having an ecommerce completely customized to the needs and objectives of your project.

We develop online stores that offer advanced solutions that exceed any CMS in the market (Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento...) since they adapt specifically to the unique case of your company and completely flexible. In addition, we use a custom ecommerce web design process so that you get a unique website.

This flexibility allows us to keep alive and fresh your online store. By constantly feeding your website with new content; products; services or brands, we get the user to know that your business evolves and adapts better and better to their needs.

We create fast, functional, easy-to-navigate online stores with a web structure designed for search engine optimization and focused on results. Your sporadic users will become regular customers.

Customized online store development
An ecommerce development customized to your business

Why creating your ecommerce development in our agency

Every business has its own characteristics and objectives, the same goes for an online store. In every store, clients have unique needs, so responding with a completely custom solution is essential to achieve their satisfaction and increase your company's sales.

On many occasions, prefabricated CMS do not respond or help us in situations that are essential in our business. With our custom ecommerce web development, that doesn't happen. Our programmers will include in your ecommerce the latest available technologies and the functionalities you need. We achieve maximum performance without compromising during the process the stability or security of your store.

At our eCommerce agency, online store developments also adapt to you, as they have an internal manager that will make your day to day and business administration easier. In the internal administrator of your website, you can create pages, receive orders, manage products/services and much more.

It doesn't matter in which market your business is. Nor does the size of your company. In LA TEVA WEB we will create for you an ecommerce that will meet all your expectations.

An ecommerce development customized to your business

The advantages of creating a custom online store development

A web development made in LA TEVA WEB will have everything necessary to achieve success on the Internet. We create ecommerce that will make your job easier and help you selling more. The main advantages of trusting our ecommerce developments are:

  • Easily manage your ecommerce. Thanks to our custom programming, you can manage your website easily and intuitively. Add, edit and delete pages and products as you need while receiving new orders. And if at any time you need some help, our team will always be at your disposal to help you out.
  • Customize your products. Add sizes, colours, sizes or any other attribute you want to your products in a very simple way.
  • Unlimited products. The goal is for your online store to grow over time, so you can upload all the products you want.
  • Manage shipping and payment methods. Both the different shipping and payment methods are fully configurable according to the characteristics of your products/services.
  • Tax administration. Generate different taxes according to the different products you have for sale.
  • Promotions and coupons. Make your customers happy or attract new ones by creating promotions and discounts for your products.
  • Fast and functional web. When creating your online store, we use the latest technologies and innovations in web design. Your ecommerce will be fast, friendly and easy to understand. We get your users to be satisfied and recurring customers.

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