Do you like spicy food? Vida Picante is your shop

Vida Picante is a new online shop in the sector that has trusted La Teva Web for web design and online marketing to go to market in the best possible way.
web design and marketing for vida picante

Vida Picante, ecommerce and digital marketing

New e-commerce of spicy products. From La Teva Web we have carried out the e-commerce and digital marketing strategies such as SEO and SEM.

Vida Picante was created with the aim of providing the spicy community with a shop specialising 100% in spicy products from all over the world. A different value proposition for spicy food lovers. The company trusted La Teva Web to carry out the project from scratch.

E-commerce web design

On a general level, the aim is to convey that the company is an expert in spicy food and all related fields.

The web design is elegant, using colours related to the spicy, such as BLACK, RED and WHITE. The web has a structure focused on what is an e-commerce. That is why, the main menu is divided with the main categories of the products of the web.

With a clean product sheet, we can see the characteristics of each product as well as a personalised element which is the spiciness level of the product.

But the e-commerce is not only focused on products. Vida Picante has a blog where you can write news and trends, as well as a recipe section, where new recipes of interest for different types of food are uploaded every week.

SEO strategy for e-commerce

Being an e-commerce, a SEO strategy focused on the sale of products is needed, but it is not the only thing that the Vida Picante website focuses on. As mentioned above, we have two sections of interest such as the Blog and Spicy Recipes, we seek to bring the user new topics of interest as well as recipes to supplement their diets with a spicy touch.

SEM strategy for Vida Picante

  • Google Shopping. Since Google opened the Google Shopping space, it has made it easier for online shops to sell their products. We take care of uploading the product feed and see what errors or recommendations we need to work on to get optimal results.
  • Google Ads. SEM complements SEO and that is why we work on Google Ads campaigns to get traffic to the website through our posts and recipes.

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