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For a long time, Google Shopping has been a reality on the Spanish market. Until now it has gone more or less unnoticed but its inclusion in the left-hand column of Google has begun to garner user attention.

At La Teva Web we handle the publication of products from your online shop on Google Shopping, as well as optimizing them for their correct positioning.

Google Shopping Barcelona

Google Shopping: your most important showcase

Google Shopping is not in itself a shop like you may think. It is an indexer of products with a certain similarity in design to Google Images, whereby you search for a product, filter by prices, shop, decide whether you want free delivery, etc. You can view all the products, compare products by price and, finally, click on the product of interest to end up linking directly to the online shop in which it is sold. In other words, you do not buy direct from Google but from the online shop offering the product. This latter statement is valid only in Spain, as in the United States and other countries it works differently.

Google Partner Premier 2022
In a showcase with such a large amount of similar products, we help you to stand out!
Google Shopping experts Barcelona

How dos Google Shopping work?

As an SEM agency specialized in Google Shopping, we will carry out the following actions in order to allow your products to rank at the top of the results of Google Shopping:

  • Feed creation and optimization of this feed according to Google guides.
  • Integration of this feed with the Google Merchant Center.
  • Bidding successfully. it is a highly complex process that needs the participation of Google Shopping experts.
  • Permanent monitoring and optimization.
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What SEM tools and campaigns do we work with?

We have specialists in the major SEM platform of the market: Google Ads. We can help you create and optimize pay per click campaigns such as:

We are also specialized in the design and optimization of social media advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads, that allow advertising on Facebook, Instagram and its partners.

We also have experience in other SEM platforms SEM such as Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Criteo or Adroll.

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