eCommerce agency

eCommerce agency

Online stores must generate sales. Although it may seem like an obvious statement, it is not always the case. Technical problems, bad configurations, attracting low-quality traffic... These and other setbacks can hamper the proper functioning of your eCommerce and make it unprofitable.

For more than 20 years, at La Teva Web we have helped many businesses to create their online stores and make them grow in traffic and sales. Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, our eCommerce agency provides a wide range of solutions: from the technical field to digital marketing.

Custom eCommerce development

Custom eCommerce development

The use of standard systems for creating online stores has become very popular in recent years, with CMS such as Prestashop or Wordpress with the Woocommerce plugin leading the market. The functionalities of these content management systems are usually linked to modules or plugins, which do not always meet the needs of our online store.

As a specialized eCommerce agency, we go one step further: our team of programmers uses custom development to expand the capabilities of your online store according to your specific requirements.

We also have a design and layout department that allows us to avoid templates and predesigned websites. Each new eCommerce project we work on has a custom design, devised based on the needs of the project, the study of the sector and the competition, and putting the user at the centre of it.

In each eCommerce project that we tackle, we carry out an audit to define a work plan. The starting point can be both the creation of a completely new online store, as well as the application of improvements to a current website. We apply different points of view to the project, providing solutions to:

  • Technical and performance problems: our programmers identify and solve errors that prevent the proper functioning of your online store, such as an excessively slow loading speed.
  • Web design and user experience: we analyse the visual section of your website and the main user flows to detect points of friction and resolve them.
  • Growth opportunities: we review your catalogue, competitors and user demands to detect possible growth paths for your eCommerce.
  • Traffic capture: we diagnose how users are reaching your website and which channels, or even countries, you should promote to attract quality visits.
SEO and SEM for your eCommerce

SEO and SEM for your eCommerce

After creating or fine-tuning your online store, it will be essential to generate traffic: the improvements that we apply to an eCommerce will be useless if there are no users willing to buy our products.

At La Teva Web we bet on the combination of SEO and SEM strategies to nurture your website with visits:

  • SEO: allows us to optimize your website to naturally consolidate it in the top positions of Google and other search engines. In this way, we obtain a stable flow of users in the medium and long term. In addition, in many cases the modifications aimed at organic positioning help us improve the eCommerce as a whole: incorporating new content, introducing Schema data markup, or optimizing the loading speed.
  • SEM: especially in competitive markets, the use of advertising on Google and social networks allows us to capture visits from the first day. At La Teva Web we are a Google Partner Premier agency, something that accredits us to manage and optimize advertising campaigns in Google Ads, obtaining maximum performance.
  • Data feeds: lists or product feeds are, today, a required complement to any SEO or SEM strategy for eCommerce. They allow us to personalize our advertising with product ads, appear in free catalogues on Google Shopping or Facebook, attract new visits, track users and their purchases, create remarketing audiences...

In all these cases, and in others that we contemplate to attract traffic to an eCommerce, we do not only focus on visits. Our orientation always revolves around results, with the highest priority being the increase in sales in your online store.

To control the performance of all these actions, we use web analytics and periodically monitor your eCommerce. We monitor the main indicators of your online store and agree with you which ones represent the success of your project. All this is reflected in a report that collects all this information and to which you will always have access.

La Teva Web, your eCommerce agency in Barcelona

La Teva Web, your eCommerce agency in Barcelona

After more than 2 decades in the sector, at La Teva Web we have worked as an eCommerce agency for countless projects. In addition to our experience, our multidisciplinary team allows us to provide our clients with solutions for all the problems that appear in the creation and maintenance of an online store.

We are a Prestashop Partner agency, a guarantee that we have expert professionals on this platform and that your online store will be in good hands.

If you plan to create an online store or you are not satisfied with the current performance of your eCommerce, at La Teva Web we will help you carry out your project.

We are a Prestashop Partner agency

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