03 / 07 / 2013

Why people do like us on the Facebook page of a brand

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Why people do like us on the Facebook page of a brand
Syncapse has conducted a study on user behavior towards brands on Facebook.

The first conclusion is the user loyalty towards brands and 78% of users who like a brand have been consumers of their services or products. Only exception appears large premium global brands such as Mercedes Benz or Chanel where many users are able to like despite not being able to consume these products, but that they'd like to.

The study provides a detailed analysis of the motives or reasons that leads a person to make me like a brand. Half do it to show support for the brand, 42% do so in order to get promotions and 35% for access to contests. A significant 41% do so to keep up with the brand and their releases.

21% of users are added to a Facebook page of a brand to find out when buying a product.
Surprisingly, only 15% of users become a fan on recommendation from someone you know and brand advertising generates only 18% of those I like and 20% fan is also why it is one of his friends.

Finally 31% fan made for sharing positive experiences of the product.

The most important conclusion of the study is that any company carrying out promotional campaigns or loyalty among your Facebook fans, you should know that most of these fans are consumers and your brand, increasing the power of these campaigns, while that advertising campaigns for new fans do not usually give great results.

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