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21 / 11 / 2012

Google Translate's improvements

Google Translate's improvements
Google Translate is a widely used tool due to the facti of being one of the most reliable translators to translate texts, documents and web sites. The company has decided to improve the service and introduced three significant improvements based on user experience.

Google, after detecting that many users after a translation, used to reverse translate the text to see the quality of the translation, Google has added the ability to perform the reverse translation with a simple click and incorporating a kind of dictionary so that the user can decide, in the last room, which is the meaning you want.

Another parameter is the frequency of occurrence of a word, so each time you incorporate a word we list a number of words equivalent, indicating in each if its use is common, or, conversely, unusual.

Finally appears the usage of synonyms using the translation results, helping to enrich the translated texts.

These releases are active only for English but Google is already working to incorporate these innovations to other languages​​.

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