How to remove referrer spam in Google Analytics
08 / 07 / 2015

How to remove referrer spam in Google Analytics

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
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Those who are users of Google Analytics will have noticed that a few months ago is common to find large amounts of visits to your web a little abnormal. These are a kind of traffic "referral" (as if they link us from another website), and they are websites we have not visited, have any relation with us or our content .. these are false views that do not bring us anything. They often have names that incorporate concepts such as link, free, porn, social, etc ...

Many users of Analytics, therefore, are working with a data artificially inflated views and they also affect negatively other interesting analytics such as bounce rate or time of the sessions.

Why do we receive these SPAM visits on our website?

The reason you get these visits to your Google Analytics, is because there are companies with deplorable practices: they catch your Analytics code (public in the code of each page of your website) and direct traffic from their sites.

Note, usually when that happens the only users are 0 or time on the page is 0 or 100% bounce. Basically, this practice is addressed to all persons who are connected with some regularity to check the details of the Google Analytics account, which surprised to identify a new and important source of traffic (by volume) the first thing they do is copy the URL Site and paste in the browser to find out what this this wonderful place that is sending me so many "hits".

How to exclude the SPAM feferral from your analytics

  1. Access to the general report (section Overview)
  2. Above the statistics you will see "All the sessions" and the right "Add segment". Click here
  3. Select the red button "+ Create Segment"
  4. Name it to recognize it later easily
  5. At the bottom, click on "Terms"
  6. Ad the conditions conditions. In "Action event" put "Source", in the middle drop "No Contains" and put the web from where comes this SPAM.
  7. Once done right the first appears to us an "and" option. In this way you can add as many as you want

Already done?. Then you will see the distribution of visits (up unfiltered, down with anti-SPAM filter applied). And in this picture you can also see how the data affects us visits, page views, session length, and so on.

In conclusion, you'll see that if you apply this technique to eliminate the SPAM visits of your Google Analytics account, you'll get much more real and reliable data but, less spectacular.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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Bruno Díaz — Marketing Manager
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