27 / 02 / 2013

Social networks are increasingly influencing the buying process

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Social networks are increasingly influencing the buying process
60% of consumers said they felt influenced by the comments that are on social networks, this influence can even changing their buying decision, especially if the comments come from friends, who automatically become advisors. This behavior is obviously logical since the same thing happens in real life.

Companies and especially those aimed at the consumer markets, are seeing their presence on social networks is increasingly decisive in its turnover. If few months ago social media companies commented that the revenues to be present in social networks were obtained in the medium term, the deadlines have been drastically reduced and no company can avoid to be present in social networks. In fact the percentage of users who visit social networks before buying a product reaches 60% and 22% admit they decided to purchase a product or service because a friend was fan of a brand.
Francesc Sánchez
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Francesc Sánchez
I am the CEO of La Teva Web and I started this blog twenty years ago. I am very pleased to have helped many clients and companies to succeed and achieve their goals.

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