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Local SEO and Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the technology giant's bets with the greatest potential. Its growth and inclusion in our daily lives makes it a powerful local SEO tool.

Google Maps, thanks to its My Business service dedicated to businesses, has managed to represent the entire local ecosystem. A good positioning on Google Maps is the best way to boost our local SEO.

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Google Maps & Google My Business

One of its main strengths is that Google Maps has become an app that we use every day. What's more, even Google shows results from Maps in its search engine, going beyond this platform.

Google My Business has become the best ally of both large companies and small businesses. It allows us to form part of a local network in which we can stand out and offer our product or service.

Nowadays, the good use of My Business has become a must for all those businesses that want to boost their influence in their city, giving them a golden opportunity at no cost.

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Our advantage: strategies to rank better on Google Maps

At LA TEVA WEB SL we handle the promotion of your company on Google My Business. To this effect:

  • We analyse the presence on Google Maps of your brand.
  • We design the strategy to follow in My Business.
  • We create and optimise your company profile on My Business.
  • We help you on how to manage the My Business platform.
  • We monitorate the behaviour of the strategy on Google Maps in order to improve it.
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Advantages of local SEO on Google Maps

With Google My Business, every business can count on advantages such as:

  • Increased visibility on Google Maps and Google's own search engine.
  • Communication channel with your customers
  • Increased online presence
  • Detailed statistics
  • Presentation of news through publications and products
  • Sharing photos of your profile and the possibility of incorporating a Virtual Tour
  • Appear in Google results before other websites and businesses
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Social networks that we work

We help you define and implement strategies in social networks, such as:

We can also help you in deciding the strategy in social networks that your company has to follow in order to communicate effectively and in accordance with your corporate identity through our Social Media Planns.

Take advantage of Google Maps

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