22 / 07 / 2019

European Moving, Google Ads campaign for international services

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International Google Ads campaign

Google Ads offers the opportunity to grow a business internationally

Google Ads, Google's advertising platform, allows you to create promotional campaigns both locally and nationally, as well as internationally. This last area, the international, is usually one of the great forgotten for many companies. Usually, because it does not fit into his plans to expand the business to other countries. While there will be cases in which this type of growth is not viable, in others it can be a growth opportunity for the company.

In this sense, European Moving, an international moving company, relied on La Teva Web for the development of its Google Ads campaign in Spain. Originally from the United Kingdom, European Moving has been increasing its presence in different European countries, both because of the possibilities mentioned above offered by Google Ads, and because of the characteristics of the service it offers. Let's review how we've developed this Google Ads campaign for an international service.

Detection of markets where we can promote ourselves

Before launching an international campaign with Google Ads, we must conduct a market study to determine its feasibility in the countries where we want to advertise. On the one hand, we can find advertising restrictions for our sector that vary depending on the country, both in the Google Ads platform itself and in the country’s current legislation.

On the other hand, we have to detect the keywords that are used in the country where we want to activate a campaign. This will define both the orientation of the advertising, as well as the content of ads and landing page, since we will have to adapt them to how users search in that country.

In addition, this process will also help us determine if there really is a sufficient volume of users to make it profitable to activate a campaign with Google Ads, and detect the degree of maturity and competence of the sector.

In the case of European Moving, we carried out this process to determine which keywords would work for the campaigns oriented to Spain.

Offer content adapted to each country

Except in specific cases, when we activate a Google Ads campaign in another country, we must adapt our communication to it. This implies the translation and localization of the contents, both in ads and in our landing page, and the adaptation of those to the characteristics of our target audience in that country.

For example, in some countries we will be able to work with WhatsApp as a method of contact, while in others we will use other messaging services or, directly, phone calls.

The European Moving website was already adapted to the Spanish public, both in the translation of the contents and in the services offered.

Structure of international Google Ads campaigns

When starting to create our international Google Ads campaign we must follow a series of guidelines at the structure level to organize it correctly. On the one hand, ideally each campaign will be oriented to a single country and language.

On the other hand, at the campaign level we can define the users’ location options. Depending on our objectives, we must choose one option or another, which include:

  • Users that are in the country that we have defined.
  • Users that show interest in the country that we have defined.
  • The combination of the 2 previous options.

For example, if we offer our services only to users who are within the defined country, we must choose the first option. If we do not, we will reach users who are in other locations.

Beyond Google Ads

Leaving Google Ads aside, if we want to offer our services internationally we must take into account other aspects. Given that we will receive visits to the web that will be translated into forms, telephone calls and other contact routes, we will have to be able to respond to these queries in the language of the users.

Another point to assess is time availability to meet our potential customers. If there is a relevant time change in the destination country of the campaign or its business hours is different, we will have to adjust our customer service hours accordingly. These and other logistical aspects will also affect our campaign in another country.

The international reach of Google Ads campaigns is a great opportunity for expansion for many companies. If you want to work with this type of advertising and give a boost to your business, as we have done with European Moving, do not hesitate to contact us.
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