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New website and international SEO project for TDF Group.
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New website and international SEO for TDF Group:

The international group TDF, is a company specialized in the manufacture, distribution and installation of pumps, instrumentation systems, filtration and mechanical seals, which has decided to create a website for each territory, modifying the language and applying international SEO strategies to position the website in each of the regions where the company is present.

The importance of domain extensions and the Hreflang attribute for local SEO:

The hreflang is an attribute that has to be used to define the language and territory to which the website corresponds. In the case of having versions of a website in different languages, it is important to include the hashtag hreflang because Google is aware of these web pages. In this case, TDF has the following websites for each territory:

TDF Germany is positioned with the extension .de, the only website of the company in German language. TDF Spain and TDF LATAM are both in Spanish, but the keywords have been adapted to the vocabulary of each territory. The web of TDF Switzerland , is hosted with the extension .ch, which helps us to position it in this territory. The domains for TDF Czech Republic , TDF Portugal , TDF Romania and TDF Poland , are also in their official language and with the corresponding extension in their country, this allows us to position the website in the specific territory through local SEO techniques. Finally, we have the TDF France website, with the extension .fr, for all French-speaking countries.

Hand-made websites:

To promote the style of the TDF brand, the same corporate design has been applied to all the group's websites, a fact that exalts the brand's personality, creating differentiated pages for each territory, but using the same graphic line and common elements that unite them. In addition, the menu sections and categories of each product have been maintained in all the web pages.

The advantage of creating a customized website is that it allows to adapt the website to each country, modifying the contact details, services and technologies, changing specific aspects without the need to create a new website from scratch. The custom website allows a design that adapts to specific changes, while maintaining the essence of the original page.

International SEO Strategy:

In order to position all the websites created for each TDF territory, an international SEO strategy has been implemented with the objective of positioning each website in the corresponding territory.

In order to implement international SEO, a set of SEO strategies have to be applied to position the website in all the selected territories. Some of the main techniques applied in the TDF websites have been the following:
  • Keyword Research: One of the first points to be carried out is a keyword study to help us understand and analyze the searches made by users in each territory. As we always say, no country searches the same, so the key is to carefully select the most interesting keywords for the project.
  • Unique content: We always have to adapt the contents to the way of speaking and the expressions of each place, avoiding automatic translations, making a more personal website and closer to the users. For this reason we created different contents for each website, adapting them to the language and in the corresponding country.
  • Local Linkbuiding: Obtaining local links from the same sector and from the specific country in which we want to position the website is vital to build a credible and natural link profile.
  • Hreflang hashtags: To avoid duplicate content and to show Google the different versions of each page, it is essential to use the hreflang hashtag for each language version. In this way, we add the hreflang hashtags of the different pages corresponding to each territory and language.
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