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Online marketing for Revlon

Online marketing with the creation of a corporate blog to reinforce the branding of Revlon through the most famous hairdresser in Spain: Felicitas Ordás.
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A fashionable blog for Revlon

Revlon Professional Brands is one of the best known brands of The Colomer Group. It is a prestigious brand that includes styling products, and hair care treatments distributed exclusively through the professional channel.

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In order to strengthen the brand and its prestige and reputation among the professional hairdressing sector we have created a corporate blog commanded by one of the most famous hairdressers in Spain. In this blog, Felicitas Ordás, hairdresser and coolhunter analyze current trends in the world of hairdressing.

Within online marketing, corporate blogs are very important because they allow brands to interact with consumers in a relaxing way away from the rigidity of corporate websites of big brands.

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Felicitas Ordás, the most famous hairdresser in Spain

Revlon Professional Brands is one of the leading brands in the world for hairdressing products aimed exclusively at the professional channel. As a prestigious brand, it has decided to rely on the image of Felicitas Ordás, probably our most famous and awarded hairdresser, to promote their values. Our work has been to create the logo and the corporate blog of the partnership Revlon-Felicitas.

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