17 / 07 / 2013

Online marketing and social media in 2013

Online marketing and social media in 2013
If there is a star in the online marketing is social media. In the last quarter of 2012 and first of 2013 global social networks continued to grow at the expense of local ones, with the exception of the Chinese and Russian social networks as VK or Eyny according to Globalwebindex.

In the first quarter of 2013, the three major social networks, facebook, google+ and twitter-continue to lead the market. Facebook with 701.5 million users continue being the leader of the market, followed by google+ with 359.2 and twitter with 296.6 millions in terms of active users.

Facebook continues to be the network with more users and achieved a growth of 27.5% active users in the last two quarters. Facebook can be proud to be the social network with a larger amount of women among its users with a 45% . As in other social networks, the largest group of users is in the range of 25-34 years. Facebook appears as the third fastest growing social network in 2013.

Google+ has become the second largest social network in terms of users and being the fifth growing global social network users in 2013. In terms of active users grew by 23% and was the leader in increase of social activity among its users.

Twitter continues unstoppable and once again the fastest growing social network, adding 37% of active users to nearly 300 million active users worldwide. The 61% of its users are men, so it remains a predominantly male social network, only surpassed by LinkedIn with 66% of its users being male.

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