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05 / 11 / 2011

Online Marketing: how consumers can modify companies behaviour

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Online Marketing: how consumers can modify companies behaviour
When people speak about corporate social responsibility of business online, either through websites or social networking is often said that it is a field in which firms have much to do and give it little importance. But this week an event has happened in Spain that has proven to be the views of users and customers can modify the advertising and communication strategies of large companies through social networks.

La Noria, a program of Telecinco who had the idea to interview, after paying a sum of money, a person possibly concealing a crime committed by his son has an avalanche of complaints through social networks, especially Twitter, requesting that companies do not sponsor these programs of dubious morality. The answer came soon and companies like Nestlé, Campofrío, Lactalis, Milner, Bayer or Panrico have announced the cancellation of their adverts in this program with the aim of not seeing  their corporate image negatively affected by this fact. Another example that demonstrates how companies should listen to their customers and potential customers through social networks.

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