Online Marketing: how consumers can modify companies behaviour
Updated: 09 / 09 / 2021

Digital Marketing: how consumers can modify companies behaviour

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
Francesc Sánchez
Digital marketing expert

Companies need a good online marketing strategy to increase their visibility

When people speak about corporate social responsibility of business online, either through websites or social networking is often said that it is a field in which firms have much to do and give it little importance. Star in the views of users and customers can modify the advertising and communication strategies of large companies through social networks.

Companies that are already on the Internet have more visibility and brand power. More and more companies are therefore resorting to digital marketing in order to have more direct contact with their potential customers and thus know their wishes.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing covers the various advertising actions and techniques carried out over the Internet to attract customers. A digital marketing strategy is carried out through websites, blogs, and social networks, thus drawing attention to a product or service of a given brand.

All techniques you already use in the offline world must be moved to a new world: the online world. In the digital sphere, new features such as immediacy, interaction in social networks and tools that allow us to make real measurements.

Marketing digital and companys

Digital marketing is an essential strategy for businesses because of the great opportunity for growth, positioning and sales they represent. Today, potential customers are constantly connected to the Internet from computer, mobile phones or tablets. 

As a result, the main advantages of digital marketing for a company to decide to start with a strategy are:
  • Available costs: Digital marketing has a low cost taking into account traditional marketing channels such as television or radio.
  • Greater control, optimization and correction of campaigns: The collection and possibility of consultation in real time of the results obtained.
  • Allow very specific segmentation: The company can segment its campaigns by taking into account the socio-denominational and psychological data of users.

Digital Marketing tools


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of search engines, i.e. searchers that index web pages so that we can find what we're looking for. This is the way to make your website visible and attract visits so that the website meets its goals.

SEO requires a lot of time and work, but the results that are obtained in the long term are very advantageous, as you do not need to invest like SEM. But by relying on the algorithms of search engines and the best practices we apply on our website, the control we have on SEO is much lower compared to the other channels.


The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the set of advertising actions on search engines and web pages. It manages to give visibility to the brand and to the services and products that it offers by creating campaigns that will be optimised to the full in order to achieve the expected results.

The main differences with the SEO are that, being paid announcements, the possibilities for segmentation are very high, we have more control and the results are immediate.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are an essential tool for businesses today, and form a large part of the success of online marketing strategies because of the fact it provides:
  • Best enterprise-client communication: Through social networks, an innovative image is offered and communication with customers is facilitated through messages and opinions from the company.
  • Increase traffic on the web: The good management of the networks is to drive traffic to the web, where the company's services and products are exposed.
  • User comments: The comments made on social networks by users of products and services reveal the shortcomings generated in the companies themselves.
Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
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