Microsites and landing pages Barcelona

Design of microsites and landing pages

Microsites are promotional websites that are created to introduce a specific product or service by means of a website. It is an ideal commercial strategy with which to complement a company’s website.
Microsites and landing pages

The most effective promotional website

In a microsite, web design is key.  The web design must create an impact and be concise, quickly conveying the values of the product, service or promotion.

Microsites tend to be websites of limited duration as they tend to be associated with a specific promotion. The choice of a good domain is key to achieving quick optimization of the microsite on search engines.

A recent strategy, in relation to web optimization, is the creation of a microsite for each of the company’s products, which benefits the optimization exercise as it means working with multiple websites and domains.

Microsites and landing pages help promote brands and products without having to spend a lot of resources
Design of microsites and landing pages

Microsite or landing page?

A microsite is not the same as the famous landing pages, as the latter actually form part of the website or microsite itself.

Another important difference is that landing pages are not designed for optimization on search engines such as Google. Strategies to attract clients to landing pages are undertaken using:

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