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11 / 11 / 2013

What is the best platform for online shopping

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What is the best platform for online shopping
The three most popular CMS for building e-commerce or online stores are Oscommerce, Prestashop and Magento. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages.

Os-Commerce is undoubtedly the former e-commerce platform for most of current CMS for building online stores. Oscommerce is well known for its power, versatility and stability. Its main disadvantage is that the platform itself contains a very precarious basis in terms of web design. However, it has a distinct advantage compared to other platforms: a large community that makes for any customization the best option.

The latest version improves some of these disadvantages splitting of design and code, which makes easier to implement a new design.

Prestashop is a French project that comes to be considered by many a split of Oscommerce and runs under the Smarty framework. Prestashop has a significant advantage as ecommerce platform because the basic design offered by the platform can be enough for many clients. It has however a serious problem or disadvantage in those cases when the customer has specific demands because implementing changes in code is quite complex and Prestashop has a tinny community of users when comparing with Oscommerce. In addition to the support information in Spanish is minimal.

platform Magento is the newest ecommerce platform as it has "only" six years of life. It is the platform with the smallest community of users which is always a disavantage. The installation of Magento and, above all, further personalization is very laborious and requires highly skilled programmers. By contrast has some advantages compared to other platforms such as the use of multistores.
The main disaventage of Magento is that although it is quite a powerful platform, it is slow, consumes too many resources and forces the use of too powerful and expensive hosting. Finally, Magento offers a small free version but you can pay from about eight thousand euros for the paid version to support.

As a conclusion, Oscommerce is the most versatile ecommerce platform and allows the best and easier customization of the design of our online store, but the basic platform carries a poor design. Prestashop is a good option if the client is "satisfied" with the what you see is what you get version but customization is ardous. Finally, Magento would be recommended just for big projects and big budgets.

We believe that the best choice depends on the needs of the customer. From experience we know that every customer asks different things and each client is unique so we prefer to work with Oscommerce for its versatility and great community. However, we are aware of their initial limitations in terms of design so we have chosen to develop the platform in line with the demands that we have been receiving, doing a mix of our own and Oscommerce platforms.

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