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Updated: 07 / 03 / 2022

Amazon product page best practices

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
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Improve your product page visibility

The product page is an essential SEO optimization element both if we sell in the Amazon Marketplace or if we sell through an e-commerce. This is, in fact, the bond between the buyer and the product, and where much of the customer's purchase decision will be based.

If you are one of those who are thinking of starting to sell through Amazon, you will need to know how to create a product page that stands out. From our specialized agency in Amazon, we present you the most important points to keep in mind when we create our product page on Amazon. Are you ready? Let's start!


Step One: Do a KeyWord Research

First of all, it is important to remember that Amazon's search engine works like Google's. So if we apply the basic concepts of SEO, our products will gain more visibility and we will obtain better results.

Like any positioning strategy, before starting to prepare the file we must start with a complete study of keywords. In other words, this step consists of searching for the keywords that correspond to each of our products.

We can start by brainstorming from the "Best Sellers" categories found on the Amazon main menu. These categories are a good place to start building your keyword list. Another common practice is to do a competition study to find out what keywords they use in their descriptions and titles.

Finally, we can finish completing our list with generic keyword tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, or other specific ones for the Amazon search engine such as Sonar.

Once we have finished, we will have in our hands the differential element that we need to occupy a prominent place in SERPs with our Amazon product page.

Last but not least, it's important to note that people who search in Amazon are on the bottom rung of the buying funnel. And consequently, they are ready to buy. We have to be aware of it and use it as an advantage. If we combine the willingness of customers to buy with a good product page, our products will be easily found by interested customers, and our sales will increase.


Amazon product page

With the word study completed, we can start creating and preparing all the elements that define our product page on Amazon:


Product name

The product title is the name by which users access your product. It is essential that we use between one and three of the keywords that users use to search for our product. The more specific and complete, the better. We must add the main characteristics of the product: the color, packaging, formats, sizes ... that is, highlight the characteristics that add value to our product. The maximum limit allowed by Amazon is 250 characters.

Product Category

It is important to invest time in finding the correct category of each of our products, so we will help Amazon know what our sector is. This will help us to position ourselves correctly in the search filters of this Marketplace.



When we are creating our Amazon listing, we will find in the penultimate step the section: Keywords. Although these words will not be seen by users, adding them is of utmost importance since Amazon uses them when customers search for your product or related products. That is, we are indicating to Amazon what purchase intentions our product responds to.

At this point we recommend including all the keywords (and their variations) with which costumers can find us. In some cases, it is interesting to even include variations with misspellings. Do not forget about long-tail keywords as these will help us gain more visibility in Google's search results. This is the reason why pre-researching your keywords is so important.


What are Platinum Keywords and Other Attributes referring to?

Platinum Keywords are extra keywords that we can add when we are sellers with platinum status. If we are not, these are irrelevant and will not influence in any way the SEO of our products on Amazon. Therefore, if we are not Platinum sellers, we do not have to fill in this field.

The Other Attributes box is a drop-down menu in which we can select other important characteristics of our products.



A very important section where to invest time and money is in product images. Here Amazon makes it clear: he wants images where only the product is seen without brand distractions. The images must be of high quality (minimum 1000px) and offer the user complete views of the product details. Amazon prefers square images, preferably 1000x1000px and jpg format. The maximum size allowed per image is 10 MB.


Adding video to amazon product page

Unfortunately, uploading videos to product detail pages is an exclusive Amazon option and is therefore not available to third-party sellers. Some sellers decide to add YouTube videos then. As it is an outgoing link to an external Amazon page, adding YouTube links is a violation of the conditions, and consequently, it is not allowed.


Short description

These short descriptions offer us the opportunity to highlight the 5 most important characteristics or benefits of our product. These descriptions will be decisive for the purchase decision. To get an idea of ​​its importance, we must bear in mind that a large part of Amazon users only consults these 5 descriptions before buying the product.

As we have already mentioned at the beginning, at this point customers are ready to buy, so when writing the bullets, it will be necessary to highlight the benefits and characteristics of the product clearly and precisely. The language to use will depend on the client, as well as the vocabulary or style that we must use.

For each of the bullets we will have a total of 500 characters. However, it is recommended to optimize space well and make descriptions of up to 100-200 characters. In this way, we will attract more attention from the user with less effort for him. And it will be preferable to avoid clichés that do not contribute much like "the best quality on the market" or "incredible opportunity".

We must bear in mind that for mobile devices only the first three bullets appear. Therefore, we will have to prioritize in the first three, all the essential and differentiable information that we want our potential client to see.

In our descriptions we must add the keywords found in the KW Research and its derivatives. This does not mean that we have to fill our descriptions with all of our keywords. Amazon reviews all the product pages and penalizes those where there is keyword stuffing, which could cause a loss of visibility in your product page.

In addition, as Amazon indicates in its policies, we must start the sentences with capital letters, and we must not add a final point at the end of each bullet.


Detailed description

This description is at the bottom of the product page, after related or promoted products. Although it has less importance is less than short bullets description, it is necessary to offer extra details for those customers who need it to finish making their purchase decision.

When our products require a technical specification, it will be vitally important that we add it at this point. In addition, this information may also be used in the filters of the Amazon search engine.

The length will also depend on the product, but in general we should offer a minimum of 1000 - 1500 characters of text. At most we can add 2000 characters in the long description.


Customer Reviews

As in online stores, reviews convey truthfulness and confidence to our potential customers.

However, to manage the reviews we must comply with the guidelines set by the orange giant, since otherwise we will be in danger of our account being blocked. For this, we must avoid at all costs the reviews of friends or family and bought or false reviews. Amazon takes the veracity of reviews very seriously and invests a large part of its resources in studying them. Today, we know that Amazon investigates not only Wi-Fi or IP connections, but even your contacts on social media!

So ... what's the best way to get reviews?

The best way is to get true reviews. A good practice is to improve your products or services. For this, it will be necessary to review our negative reviews and analyze them one by one to see what improvements we should introduce to our products. Amazon offers us a maximum of 60 days to resolve the problem with the buyer so he changes or modifies his negative review.

Offering extraordinary customer support could be the key to getting more reviews. Many times, we focus only on responding to our potential customers and forget about those who already bought from us. Both groups are just as important, and therefore we must invest the same amount of time. Addressing all doubts and apologizing when necessary are good policies that will help us earn more reviews.

As sellers we have the option to request a valuation from the Amazon Seller Central platform. This is the official way to ask your customers for reviews. You will be able to find the option on the Order Management screen, indicating the option of requesting the valuation of the buyer in question.

We can also use tactics like launching promotional star products. If our products are of high quality, this strategy usually gives very positive results.

Finally, we can use the service offered by Amazon: Amazon Vine. With Amazon Vine you can send free product samples to users considered as key authors of reviews. In this way, this group of people test them and give their opinion publicly. These users are not 100% obliged to write their assessment, but if they do not, they are no longer part of this group. This system usually works very well with good quality products.


Questions and answers

The “questions and answers” ​​section can help to solve specific questions that our clients have. This is very valuable information for the buyer. Customers are the only ones who can write questions. These may be answered by sellers or by other clients, depending on the question. It is extremely important to review these questions and answer them so as not to lose potential customers.

If your product page does not contain the “questions and answers” ​​section, it is not necessarily negative. Perhaps it is simply clear enough, and your clients do not need additional information.


Cross and Up Selling

We all know the importance and the extra income that we can get thanks to techniques such as cross selling or up selling. According to Amazon, 35% of its sales are produced through these two techniques.

At Amazon there is the option to cross and up selling, unfortunately this is reserved only for sellers who do advertising. If you do not contract them, your products will not appear in the related products sections of Amazon.


In this post we wanted to summarize the most important factors that will get your product page stand out and, therefore, increase your sells on Amazon. We hope they help you improve your strategy!

Do you want to start selling on Amazon? As an agency specialized in Amazon, we are at the forefront of all the news of the orange giant. If you are thinking of entering this world and need help to reach the top, do not hesitate to contact us!


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