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Neuraxpharm is a company specialized in treatments for the central nervous system (CNS) since 1985. It develops and markets CNS pharmaceutical and nutritional products for different countries in Europe: Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Poland, through brands that are part of the large pharmaceutical group, such as Lesvi or Qualigen.

We have recently worked together with the company to make the business project a reality. The client has completed the entire web design phase and La Teva Web has been responsible for the programming and web layout.

For web design, it has been defined with white and blue colors, benchmarks in the health sector. The new website transmits professionalism and seriousness thanks to the typography chosen. Likewise, a lot of iconography has been played to give strength to the strong points or main values ​​of the company, such as strengthening the qualities of the professionals working in Neuraxpharm, the main parts of the nervous system they want to treat or the treatment itself

In addition to researching treatments for the central nervous system to treat diseases such as Parkinson's, depression, epilepsy or Alzheimer's, they also offer other types of services such as APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and FDFs (dosage forms completed)

Comment that Neuraxpharm has acquired the company Nupharm, where he already had a website. The key point of the project is that everything pointing to the domain had to redirect to Here, the Online Marketing department has to do a meticulous job of avoiding duplicate content and 404 errors. To do this, a 301 document must be prepared so that all those pages indexed from the Nupharm web point to the corresponding and relevant Neuraxpharm page. If everything is done correctly, Nupharm ceases to exist to welcome Neuraxpharm.

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