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29 / 05 / 2015

Responsive web design for all screens

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Responsive web design for all screens
It is usual that when we are developing a web design project, the client asks us to see the whole web on his screen. Although it is said that the customer is always right, in this case we have to say no. And in this article we will explain the reasons.

To adapt your website to your screen, we need to know the exact size of your screen, with which browser will be displayed, and how many bars are installed in your browser, which leave less room to display the web. But if you want to reach the target audience and generate the desired impact we will find a problem: if a customer opens the website with another screen, another browser, or with the same browser but most bars installed, it will no longer view the whole web on the screen.And let alone if you visit the web from your mobile!

That's why several months we are doing pedagogy among our customers with a issue: to forget this obsession of seeing the whole web on your screen, because considering the large variety of screens in Spain, it would be more a problem than a solution. In the photo accompanying the article you’ll find the screens stadistics in Spain, to get an idea of the variety we have: the data we present show the great plurality of screens used in Spain. Up to 14 different screen sizes have a significant volume of use. Moreover, the trend from recent years (here the evolution is shown from 2013), goes increasingly towards more diversification. The king still being the screen resolution of 1366x768, but is not even the 20% of the market.

So, when planning a web design what is important is to have a good responsive web design, which perfectly suits the multitude of devices from which today we can connect to the Internet and to allow for simple user navigability. This should be the priority, and not to display the entire Web on your screen.

* Graphic Source: La Teva Web, data from StatCounter

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