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If you can't be seen on the Internet, you don't exist. We give you the Google visibility you need to reach new customers and grow.
Best SEO Agency Spain

Best SEO Agency in Spain in 2024

We lead the prestigious Ranking of the European Business School which, with data from Semrush, compared the best SEO agencies in Spain.

Our way to success is based on:

  • A deep knowledge of how search engines and their algorithms work.
  • A SEO oriented to economic results. It's not about more clicks, we want you to sell more.
  • Hard work, honesty, transparency, and proximity to our clients.
  • We have the best SEO consultants, but also programmers, designers and other branches of digital marketing.
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With the best SEO Tools

We test all the tools available on the market, and we will apply the best one for each need to your project. We provide your project with premium tools that cost thousands of euros per month, and you can take advantage of this.
We apply the latest technology on the market to analyse your positioning and streamline processes.
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Your way to the top, with us

You may be wondering what we are going to do and how we are going to work on it. These are our SEO work phases, which are continuously improving and will be adapted to your company:
Situation analysis
We must study your business, sector and competition in detail. Keyword research and buyer persona definition are involved, among other processes.
We define strategy
We propose a series of goals to be pursued, and a strategy to achieve them. We do not pay lip service, we set concrete and measurable objectives.
SEO Audit
Whether your website is published or in the process of being created, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of key aspects: structure, architecture, internal linking and visibility in search engines, among other aspects. The audit is customised for your project, no predefined checklists.
Initial SEO implementation
All the basics that affect the crawling, indexing and ranking process for the bots have to be left shiny: URLs, Sitemaps, robots.txt, hreflang, and other aspects of technical SEO. We inform Google about our content (Search Console, Google Merchants, Google Business Profile, etc).
Advanced SEO
This is where the vast majority of agencies don't reach. We will make the most of your content by working SEO in SERP, Schema, WPO. Optimising internal linking and multimedia SEO (images, videos, PDFs...).
SEO Offpage
We work on aspects beyond your website to gain authority and reliability. Link profile analysis, PR actions or brand monitoring are part of this more reputational phase.
Beyond Google
Google searches are the first battle horse, but there are more fronts to cover and taking advantage of them is an opportunity: SEO on Bing, Apple, maps, directories, forums, Youtube, social networks or marketplaces, depending on the sector and opportunities.

Need something specific?

SEO for each type of website, business and technology is a world of its own, and we adapt to each scenario.

Ranking in Barcelona

As a proudly Barcelona-based agency we have positioned hundreds of local businesses and helped them grow.

I want to improve my SEO

SEO for Wordpress and Woocommerce

The most popular CMS is not ready for SEO out of the box, and needs to be tweaked to achieve results.

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SEO Audit

If you need a report on how your website's SEO is doing and what you should improve, we are your best option.

Analyse my SEO

Local SEO

If you want to boost searches near your establishments, both on the web and on maps, we can help you gain visibility.

I want to be found

International SEO

There are no borders on the Internet, but internationalisation is not so easy. We accompany you to open new markets

I want to expand my market

Our agency in Media

Leading sector and generalists media have mentioned our agency for our expertise in SEO and other areas of digital marketing:
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In case you still have doubts

What is SEO and why is it important for my business?
SEO is the set of actions and strategies aimed at ensuring that a company has visibility on Internet search engines, especially Google. It is essential for your company because being visible is the first step to generate business.
How does the SEO optimisation process work with your agency?
We analyse your website, your competitors' websites and your business objectives. With all this we prepare a personalised strategy to achieve your goals.
How long will it take to see results from the SEO strategies implemented?
SEO is slow but sure. SEO actions implemented can take months to be reflected in results. However, by working well, the results always come and have a cumulative effect. In the long term, it is by far the most cost-effective channel of attraction.
How do you measure the success of your SEO strategies?
With data. In digital marketing practically everything can be measured. So you will see our success or failure in reliable, verifiable and transparent data. We will decide together what we are going to measure and what targets we will set ourselves.
Do you offer customised SEO services for different types of businesses?
Yes, we can position all types of websites: corporate websites, digital media, blogs, or online shops, among others. We also work with all types of technologies (Wordpress, Shopify, Prestashop or Wix, among others) and business types.
What makes your agency different from other SEO agencies?
More than 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers with well-positioned websites are our guarantee. In addition, we work with our own results-oriented methodology, with proximity to the client and transparency.
Do you provide reports on progress and results achieved?
Yes, we will build monthly monitoring reports, with agreed KPIs of value. With them we will be able to measure achievements, and detect opportunities for growth and improvement.
How does SEO integrate with other digital marketing channels?
SEO cannot be seen in isolation from other digital marketing channels and strategies. Whether we take on the other channels or not, we propose a joint strategy and look for synergies with web design, SEM or social networks, among other channels.
What do you need from me to get started with SEO optimisation?
No one knows your business, your industry, your current and potential customers, and your priorities for growth better. That valuable information will be the starting point for building a winning SEO strategy.
Do you offer guarantees of ranking in the top positions of Google?
We do not promise results, because we cannot. It is something that does not depend exclusively on us because it affects business aspects, web, competition, there is a referee in the middle and there are changing rules. If any agency promises it, it is dishonest or they don't know how SEO works. What we do promise is methodology, effort and transparency. And we are so sure that we will get results, that we have no commitment of permanence.
How much does it cost to do SEO with you?
SEO, if you work well and with a TOP agency like ours, is an expensive channel. It requires the investment of thousands of euros, client involvement and a lot of patience. However, it is by far the best investment a company can make in digital marketing.
Do you do SEO only in Spain?
No. We work from Barcelona for local, Spanish and worldwide clients. We have dozens of successful experiences in international SEO, and professionals specialised in different markets and search engines.

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