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12 / 06 / 2015

SEO, pillar of the online marketing strategy

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SEO, pillar of the online marketing strategy
As specialized SEO agency in Barcelona, we continue with the serie of articles about the past, present and future of SEO, with the intention to provide reflections that can be useful to the online marketing industry and our customers.

After speak in the last article about SEO in market places, today we present some reasons why SEO is still the king of online marketing, although there has been attempts to unseat him.

As you know, ten years ago 99% of online marketing consisted in a good search engine optimization. Over time, the continued Google algorithm changes and the emergence of social media, some announced the death of SEO. After a few years, with the social media consolidated, and we can say that the announcement of the death of SEO was premature. Some elements that reinforce our thesis are:

Without a good SEO you won't appear on search engines

Empirical experience indicate that if you do not have a good SEO strategy, if you're not working on positioning, content, etc. your web won't appear in the search engine results.

The search engines continue to be the main access to information ...

and Google continues to reign. The latest data show that in Spain more than 98% of consumers use Google to access to the information and services they want to find on the net. Keep in mind also that the biggest mobile traffic has further reinforced this trend.

Search engines as a way to discover new things

Search engines are still the key to proactively discover new things. Any questions you have or product you want to search, for sure you'll type type it on Google.

SEO and the long tail economy

Search engines are a very important tool - if possible - in the economy of the long tail. Search engines give visibility to small they could not be without them, and that unlike the big brands do not actually have many more ways to reach consumers (or budget). In fact a recent study by Contently explains that 70% of the traffic comes, in fact, thanks to very niche keyword.

Social networks are great, but they have another utility

There has been much debate in the industry about the relationship between social media and SEO. Social networks have indeed occupied a very important part of the lives of consumers, but that does not mean they have finished with the SEO. Social media has not killed the SEO, and if it didn't happen already, will not. The two spheres can coexist perfectly and can be completed as well as the uses and benefits of each are different.

Google gives very precise guidelines

While in some areas of online marketing creativity is crucial, in SEO is something different. The SEO is not a matter of luck, you have to work hard and follow the rules. In this sense it is appreciated that Google set very clear rules about what to do and what not to do (sometimes affects more the SEO). The rules are very clear but they are many and sometimes technically complex to implement, so it is important to have a clear SEO strategy and a SEO expert.

We must be up to date

Run by the industry many SEO professionals that have not been updated and continue to pursue strategies of 10 years ago. The problem is that the rules have changed, and a lot! Take care because what had succeed a long time ago, doesn't work now. Now the rules have been readjusted to prevail increasingly quality. Google does not want aggressive campaigns, SPAM or links to any directory to access to the top of the search engines.

No alternative in sight

SEO works. And usually when something works better not touch it. So far no one has yet found an alternative that is really better or more. And who has it, explain it to us ;)

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