23 / 07 / 2013

Social commerce

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Social commerce
Online marketing is a discipline where experts launch new terms very often and social commerce is one of them. First used in 1995 by Yahoo! social commerce is the use of social media to encourage and promote the sale of products.

The social commerce is a generic term that includes everything from product evaluation in social networks or forums, to advertising on social networks, the recommendations or social applications. The social commerce also involves the integration of various channels as an online store with mobile or social networks, establishing and seeking dynamic multichannel personalization of the offer.

Although it is a fairly new field, there are already sone figures showing that social commerce will have a great impact on online sales. For example, in Spain 35.7% of companies that have a presence on social networking sells through the Internet and 42% of the online stores in Spain has integrated some social functionality.

The social commerce represents a sales increase for companies and, above all, will put the consumer at the center of the process, allows customers access to those products that best suits their needs, they can also benefit from the valorations of their friends, enjoying a more personalized and pleasant buying process. In the future it may lead to the creation of a user-specific online store based on his tastes and social preferences. It is one of the pillars of the future of online marketing.

Within social networks, it is highlighed the interest of companies to sell directly through Facebook, What is called the Facebook commerce, followed at some distance by Twitter.
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