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Discover the SEO strategy we have carried out for a company that belongs to a technical sector such as Sumec
Sumec Homepage
Sumec was founded in 1991 in Badalona and specializes in the import and distribution of cutting and precision tools for machining. It stands out for being a distributor of leading international brands and committed to innovation.

Its main objective is to collaborate closely with customers to solve machining challenges, offering high technological quality products. She has experience in various sectors, such as the aeronautical, automotive and medical industries. Sumec seeks to improve and optimize processes, ensuring an optimal balance between quality and productivity to add value to its customers.

The Sumec website has an attractive and modern design, with predominant colors such as white and dark blue, which give it a clean and professional appearance. The structure of the page is clear and easy to navigate. The main page presents information about the company and its products, as well as a news section and a contact form.

Technical SEO for a technical sector

Because the web design was already done, we focus on working on organic positioning considering that it is a very technical and specific sector.
To do this, a complete technical optimization of the page has been carried out, improving the Wordpress code structure, implementing Schema marking, internal linking and the structure of elements of the brand pages (important at a transactional level). Always taking into account the contents of the page, the use of relevant keywords and the creation of a linkbuilding strategy, within what this sector and project allowed us.

The activity carried out by SUMEC gives us the possibility of including as keywords the brands with which it works, such as: Hobe, Kennametal and Applitec. In this way SUMEC takes advantage of the authority of these brands to achieve a better positioning.


Improvements were made in terms of optimizing images and text from pages, including keywords in Alt descriptions, titles and attributes. These actions have contributed to improving readability and indexing by Google robots, using the Google Search Console tool as a help.

In the same way, we solve indexing and tracking problems involved by a page hacko and attempt to infection. Consequently, measures have been taken to protect the website from possible attacks by the programming team. A crawl of the entire web was carried out to check that there were no suspicious elements or harmful links, also reviewing the canonical URLs and the code of the web.
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