The importance of local SEO
09 / 07 / 2015

The importance of local SEO

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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The field of SEO strategies is giving an important turn: the traffic generation channels are diversified and approaches may be different, so the SEO actions are multiplied. It's not all work a key position in Google for. Some examples to view it: some brands are working the SEO on YouTube, because the videos are becoming increasingly popular; others, seeing the difficulties to position certain generic keywords, choose to work the long tail SEO. That will not provide millionaires audience but guarantees to reach specific targets consumers. We can work them toguether, of course. For example, for the cupcakes online store Tartadictos we are working to punt into the top of results for long term  Tienda de repostería online  or  Tienda online de cupcakes , but in turn, we are working the long tail SEO, and now the site appears in the results of most of its catalog products.

This diversification is gaining strength the local SEO. Keep in mind that Google has also in recent years favoring local SEO as it has always been (and defended) over the years some favoritism for local small businesses. This can sometimes make these small businesses get even overtake major brands in search results. So as a specialist SEO agency in Barcelona we thought it would be useful to share with you these reflections:

Individualized results

Google is claiming to offer users increasingly personalized and individualized results. In fact this is already happening if we logged into our Google account: the results are based on your search history and geographic location. We must expect that in the future, the situation will be much more specific and the results will be even more sophisticated and much more based on what you really want and not what might be wanted.

Mobile devices market  increases

More and more mobile devices and every day more consumers use them in your day to all kinds of actions. Data show that users expect to no longer come home to find things and did not embark on the adventure to find them. They seek through its smartphone, most likely through Google.

Competition grows

Every day there is more competition and more companies are present on the Internet. In that context brands must find new ways to get the attention of the consumer. So, go for the small in SEO could be a good strategy, since the big fight for positions may be more difficult than ever. In local search the competition is softer and easier to get into the top of the results.

The boom of the local

The local is increasingly fashionable and more and more websites and Apps allow using to work our local SEO. You must register your business in tools like TripAdvisor or Yelp, which allow to get more information on local businesses, and also local medias. And finally, it is necessary to encourage the reviews, the ratings of our brand and consumer opinions, which will make a valuable content on the site that will help us to give more visibility in all those pages of local information.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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